Dekaart is a one-person web-design studio based in Tartu (Estonia), beginning from the nearest future maybe elsewhere, run by myself, Balázs Herczeg.

Works I like (at the same time: services I am offering)

  • elaborating harmonious, practical interfaces till the finest details,
  • delivering reliable, structured and standard-compliant code and stylesheets,
  • adding interactivity to the interfaces in a secure and usable way,
  • creating purpose-oriented server-side solutions (smaller or middle-sized projects).

Websites to transmit information

I start design from bUIlding out the way of information from the Database to the user interface and back. I offer custom solutions for storing, processing and showing data – to meet exactly the needs of the task.

Websites built for the future

Your business will grow. Let your website be able to keep up with this growth. I keep the different aspects of your website – structure, look, function or data – clear and separate.

Future expansions or changes will need minimal effort and have to affect only that very area. You will be able to replace once the blade, the other time the handle of the knife – having still the same knife.

I adopt the most up-to-date standards, follow best practices and use the most viable methods to assure compatibility and painless transition future technologies.

When one hand knows what the other hand is doing

Working alone, I have a wide overview of what I am doing. I organize information that it could be processed easily by the scripts, I write scripts that generates a clear code and above the code I design an interface that is easy and pleasant to use.

Moreover, I can offer work of a scope of a team for projects, where working with a team would overrun the budget.