• Ungari Kino

    Ungari Kino

    autumn 2008

    Work: design, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, iCalendar, RSS

    Client: Ungari Kultuuriselts

    Launch website: www.ungarikino.org

  • Gedeon Richter Estonia

    Gedeon Richter Estonia

    autumn 2008

    Work: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

    Client: Richter Gedeon Eesti filiaal

    Launch website: www.rg.ee

  • Giant poster exhibition @®© (Budapest)

    Giant poster exhibition @®© (Budapest)

    summer 2008

    99 billboards are exponated every summer in Budapest, searching creative answers to a chosen topic – like this year’s “Where is the happiness today”. I think happiness is being brought on a tray right now. At the same time it is commemoration to my first meeting with fractal geometrics in my childhood, when I was watching the round box of the “Teddy Bear Cheese”. (Which lovely design fortunately hasn’t been changed over the last 30 years.) And I had the possibility to count, how many bears this endless regression lasts – because of the resolution doesn’t fit more than five bears on a billboard. Take a look at the gallery.

  • Participating in Tartu Song Festival’s logo contest

    Participating in Tartu Song Festival’s logo contest

    summer 2008

    The proposal I was participating on the contest was inspired at the same time by cross-stich embroidery and pixel-art, connecting old and new through the way of illustration.

  • Tartu postcards

    Tartu postcards

    summer 2008

    This year we were exploring the origins of the logo “See you in Tartu” and intending to launch new traditions in the town.

    Client: Tartu Linnavalitsus / Avalike suhete osakond

  • Design contest “Kütyü Mütyür Cucc”

    Design contest “Kütyü Mütyür Cucc”

    spring 2008

    Main award on the design contest Kütyü, mütyür, cucc. The contest was anounced by Hungarian spirit brand Fütyülős (owned by Zwack Unicum and @®©, known from several creative actions. The aim was to invent objects, using contemporarily the floral pattern of the Fütyülős branding. This pattern itself originates from Hungarian folk motives and with its iteration reminded me for the first sight of the pearl curtains of the happy eighties, of my childhood. Watch also the website of the contest.

  • Estonian Women Students’ Society

    Estonian Women Students’ Society

    spring 2008

    Work: XHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

    Client: Eesti Naisüliõpilaste Selts

    Launch website: www.enys.ee

  • Lhasa 2016 Summer Olympic Games

    Lhasa 2016 Summer Olympic Games

    spring 2008
  • Tapeedistuudio


    spring 2008

    Work: XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

    Client: Annekat Sisustus OÜ

    Launch website: tapeedid.ee

  • Tartu Cultural Events

    Tartu Cultural Events

    spring 2008

    Client: Tartu Linnavalitsus / Kultuuriosakond

  • Flavin


    spring 2008

    Work: XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

    Client: Baltic Business Partners OÜ

    Launch website: flavin.bbp.ee

  • ID24


    winter 2007

    Work: design, XHTML, CSS, PHP

    Client: Iberia Delicatessen OÜ

    Launch website: www.id24.ee

  • Estonian Bowhunters

    Estonian Bowhunters

    autumn 2007

    Work: UI, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript

    Client: MTÜ Mägilased

    Launch website: www.estonianbowhunters.ee

  • Tartu postcards

    Tartu postcards

    autumn 2007

    Client: Tartu Linnavalitsus / Avalike suhete osakond

  • Tartu Cultural Events 2008

    Tartu Cultural Events 2008

    autumn 2007

    Client: Tartu Linnavalitsus / Kultuuriosakond

  • Petrone Print

    Petrone Print

    autumn 2007

    Client: Petrone Print OÜ

    Launch website: www.petroneprint.ee

  • “Tartu Summer” freecards

    “Tartu Summer” freecards

    summer 2007

    Client: Tartu Linnavalitsus / Avalike suhete osakond

  • Päevakera


    summer 2007

    Work: HTML, CSS, PHP

    Client: Päevakera OÜ

    Launch website: www.paevakera.ee

  • Must Nool

    Must Nool

    winter 2007

    Website design and coding.

    Work: HTML, CSS

    Client: Rytbergi OÜ

    Launch website: www.mustnool.ee